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If you’ve ever scrolled through the Instagram page @depopdrama, you know how exhausting the platform can be. Not only does Depop generate hassling buyers and rising prices, but also infinite pages of unwanted items.

You could spend weeks searching for the piece of your dreams, only to find it’s been removed or sold to a higher bidder. I often exit exchanges with egg on my face – why do we still bother?

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Because of the plethora of active fashion sellers, a good Depop find is like winning the op shop lottery. It’s a platform where unknown names can become full-time fashion powerhouses from the comfort of their bedrooms.

Better yet, Depop is a proud supporter of circular fashion, encouraging users to thrift, flip and shop secondhand to reduce their carbon footprint. The app requires a little virtuosity and a lot of dedication, especially if you’re hoping to win big time.

I often look at my friends and think, ‘How are we using the same app?’ They always seem to find treasure, and I coal. To help my search, I asked some of my favourite fashion people for their most-loved Depop accounts.

Michelle Bañares, digital content producer


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Hands down, my favourites are @alwaysjudging and @cmawhorr – I turn my notifications on just for them! They have the best pieces, great pricing and both accounts are run by women with the best style… need I say more?!

I can always count on Depop for great finds. I’m a sucker for vintage/secondhand shopping, but on the days I don’t want to rummage through buckets and racks of clothing at a store, I can just scroll through my feed.

Sometimes I tell my partner it’s an addiction. It gives me insight (and access) to some amazing people’s closets; it continues to blow my mind! Such a cool concept, so easy and great prices.

I’ll never stop talking about how I found the perfect low-cut Dr Martens. They’re deadstock, so you won’t find a style like them anymore, but they have the coolest buckle over the front (like if a loafer and the low-cut Docs had a baby!). They’ve lasted me over three years and counting. Such a great find!


Isabella Mamas, fashion assistant at Vogue Australia


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I use Depop like any other platform – for finding inspiration and browsing unique styles. I follow people who inspire me or sell pieces I know are special and ethically conscious. I try finding friends and other accounts on the app who have really cool wardrobes.

I have quite a few favourites I know and love: Kiko Vintage is an incredible vintage designer one-stop-shop, Karameleon Vintage is a Y2K dream and @lerapen, @alwaysjuding and @killerandasweethang all have amazing style. Mrjoesoriginal is my fave to buy gifts for my brothers and friends!  I don’t really have loyalty to one seller specifically, I very much curate my wardrobe by purchasing individual bits and pieces that speak to me.

Most of these users are selling second-hand designer and vintage pieces, but Karameleon also sells amazing one-off Y2K pieces. Kiko Vintage had the most incredible vintage butterfly Versace denim set I loaned for a shoot a few years back. And I recently purchased a super cute black Adidas mini skirt; I hope it teleports me straight into the ’90s.


Victoria Kokkolis, content creator

I’m always on the hunt for valuable items and aim to steer away from drop shipping and fast fashion. At the moment, I love @shirleytang_, who sells handmade, experimental designs. Their brand emulates subversive energy with the hint of an alien/futurism fantasy. I’m also loving my space corset from their @oriens000 line (mainly available on Instagram) and aim to expand my wardrobe with their beautiful pieces.

I also shop at @kosharchive; they have the most unique vintage designer pieces. They sell jewellery, bags and clothing pieces you just won’t find anywhere else! The packaging just hits the spot, it’s very classy.

If you’re looking for non-traditional jewellery, try @escitalobram. They make hoop earrings decorated with expandafoam in all kinds of designs and colourways. I’d categorise the pieces as ‘scrap chic’ or subversive. Either way, they will definitely turn heads.

Some stores on my radar I’m yet to buy from include: @beigebits for pieces in my favourite colour ever, @elissardsgns for complete works of art and @cathymiao for all of the above.


Emma Cutri, co-founder of Sister Studios


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I often troll Depop for vintage silhouette and colour inspiration for Sister. I’ve ‘hearted’ many items and always have a full virtual cart. For reference, I do the same with Etsy and eBay.

I buy from Depop because I love owning a collection of vintage designer and second-hand pieces. I will forever be drawn to ’70s-inspired shapes and Depop fuels my flowy dress and crop top addictions. My most beloved find is this really fun pair of Chloé platforms with red, green and yellow running across the top and through the cork. I wore them to death last year.

My fave Depop sellers are Olivia Sonia Pudelko (@westernaffair), Jo Rosenthal (@oh_hello_jo) and Kate (@kateofficial). These users all sell vintage designer clothing and accessories from some of my favourite labels. I just love to look (and sometimes buy, if I’m really feeling it).


This article was originally published on December 17, 2021.

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