Hawkeye Vintage’s Instagram Live sale is a must for fans of pre-loved luxury pieces 


Secondhand Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and more.

For Danielle Goodwin, the founder and owner of Hawkeye Vintage, the thrill of the find is what drives her to curate her collection of pre-loved luxury pieces. With suppliers across the globe, Danielle has made it her career to find elusive, iconic, and statement items that will elevate the wearer’s wardrobe or home.

Danielle spends three to six months finding treasures around the world in preparation for an intensive two to three-day pop-up sale. Months of tireless searching is concluded when items such as Louis Vuitton bags, Hermes charms, or even Chanel Snow Shoes, reach the hands of her loyal customers which she describes as the “quintessential fashion lovers.”

“The demand for luxury items is greater than ever before,” Danielle says. “Due to the current global state, people are becoming more conscious of how they are spending their money.”

Buying luxury secondhand, Danielle explains, is very different from your regular mode of shopping. Most of the items that Danielle sells only depreciate slightly, if at all, in value. Despite the original buyers purchasing the luxury goods over 30 years ago, the items in pristine condition still go for a pretty penny.

“The pieces we sell are an investment. Although you might have to dip into your savings when you make a purchase, you can almost always make your money back by reselling it,” she explains.

The opportunity to purchase a piece that is carefully crafted and timeless means that there is a sense of security when you buy a vintage luxury item.

“As people are becoming more conscious of what they are spending their money on, the look becomes just as important as the overall value,” Danielle says. “But you don’t necessarily have to spend big. Our price point begins at around $45, so there is something that everyone can afford.”

Besides the more affordable price, buying luxury secondhand is also more sustainable. Pre-loved designs are given a new life as they are handed down through generations of fashion devotees.

But despite their pre-loved status, Danielle has gained a reputation for only selling goods in excellent condition. Setting itself apart from other vintage stores, Hawkeye Vintage is carefully curated to ensure that each item looks almost brand new.

“It’s important as a luxury vintage seller to ensure that you’re selling things that are well looked after,” she reveals.

Danielle believes that the appeal for vintage items has increased in the past year as fashion trends are mirroring the aesthetics of the ’80s and ’90s. “Baguette shaped bags and small clutches are everywhere,” she tells me. “Buying a bag secondhand means you have an authentic piece of the era to compliment your look.”

The next opportunity to purchase from Hawkeye Vintage will be an Instagram live sale running December 11 to 13. Danielle will host the event from 9.30am to 6pm, where she displays the items, tries them on and explains how best to style them.

“During lockdown, we had a massive amount of people tune in to the sale. It’s fun and becomes like a form of entertainment,” she says. Although the event is online, Danielle creates an intimate and personal experience that recreates the feeling of a one-on-one consultation.

“We have a wide range of products, from clothes to accessories and even homewares,” she explains. “If handbags aren’t for you, you can purchase anything from a Dior towel to a Burberry blanket, or those trendy jewellery plates that are a hot item on everyone’s Instagram feeds.”

Ultimately, Hawkeye Vintage has taken the stress out of purchasing designer goods – an intimidating salesroom is replaced by the comfort of your home. To purchase an item, you simply direct message Hawkeye Vintage “SOLD” and the item number and make your payment within half an hour. And just like that, you will have secured a timeless statement piece.

This is the final Instagram sale that Hawkeye Vintage will host this year, just in time to find a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift for a loved one (or yourself).

“In the coming sale, we have around 500 products up for grabs. We have a very special collection of Chanel bags from 1991 that are truly gorgeous,” Danielle reveals.

But she warns that items do not stick around for very long. “We often have around 10 people message per product, so the item goes to the first person. It’s fun and exciting, but you have to be quick if you see something you love.”

If you want to feast your eyes on any of these vintage beauties, you can browse the Hawkeye Vintage collection here. To take part in the pop-up sale beginning Friday December 11, tune into Hawkeye Vintage’s Instagram where Danielle will go live at 9.30am each day.


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