Iris Apfel and Chyka Keebaugh has really, genuinely happened

Words by Sasha Gattermayr

Real Housewives of fashion.

If there was one thing we weren’t expecting in 2019, it was a partnership between a former Real Housewife of Melbourne and nonagenarian New York icon, Iris Apfel.

But no, the lordesse of fashion hath looked down upon us mortals and cast her gaze upon our Australian shores.

In a rare campaign appearance for the self-described “icon”, Apfel and Keebaugh were shot on location in Iris’ New York apartment where the iconic designer mixed and matched Blue Illusion accessories with pieces from her own towering collection.

Apfel is currently the oldest person to have a Barbie designed in her name and earlier this year, at age 97, signed a modelling contract with IMG. It’s safe to say this wasn’t on our radar for what fashion’s most notorious and in-demand figure would be up to next. 

Although I jest, the biggest myth around Chyka Keebaugh’s fame is that she is even a housewife at all. The multi-millionaire entrepreneur and Cordon Bleu-trained chef has gone from strength to strength since quitting the reality television series after the first season, adding ‘author’ to the growing list of professional hyphens she can attach to her career profile.

It’s a random meeting of minds, but we’re actually really into it.

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