This label makes sneakers from fruit cut-offs

Zero waste.

Australian label No Saints has launched itself straight into the sustainable sphere with a collection of animal free, environmentally friendly sneakers.

The unisex sneakers are crafted using three different materials.

No Saints uses apple leather crafted in Italy from the apple peels discarded by juicing and compote factories.

The brand is also the first Australian label to incorporate Pinatex (pineapple leather) in its shoes. Pinatex is made in Spain using pineapple leaf fibres that are a byproduct of pineapple harvest. 

The third material is a lesser know compound named aquabase nappa; a high quality synthetic leather made in Italy using 100% recycled polyester in a water-based, non-toxic process.

No Saints sneakers come in black, white and gold and are all crafted from these sustainable leather substitutes. 

Using high quality and premium materials while still being animal free, they feel, wear, and look like leather without harming the earth.

Ranging from $220 – $250, all shoes are handmade in Portugal.


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