Eliise Maar makes stone-encrusted jewellery to mimic the seasons

Words by Sophie Hodges

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Like mood rings for the weather but infinitely more sophisticated, Eliise Maar‘s jewellery designs are inspired by the seasons and natural phenomena.

The Frost collection, for example, is an ode to crisp winter days and features an ice-like metal texture that is applied to each piece individually.

The Melbourne designer is driven by a philosophy of individuality and self-expression, and her designs swing between eye-catching, jewel-encrusted engagement rings and simple but elegant pendant necklaces.

Every piece is handmade in a Melbourne studio from locally-sourced metals and gemstones. This includes a wide range of different stones like blue topaz, morganite, amethyst, pearl, and of course diamonds.

It’s also worth checking out the website’s sample sale section to grab a unique piece for a discounted price.


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