Kanye debuted Yeezy Crocs and we are not about them

Words by Fashion Journal
Images via Instagram


Literally, what are those?

There are few things more abhorrent to the human eye than Crocs. But there are fewer things that make this writer shudder in disgust more than Kanye’s interpretation of them.

Looking at these gleaming foam runners is like looking directly into the sun: painful, ill-advised and potentially harmful to your long-term health.

They look like the extraterrestrials in the Alien franchise and are equally as terrifying.

But Kanye courts hatred, ridicule and controversy wherever he treads, so if it be in these function-less extortionately expensive “shoes” then there is nothing out of the ordinary. This kind of outrage is exactly what he wants from us.

Named the “Yeezy Foam Runner” they will be released for sale at the end of the year. The retail price is so far undisclosed.


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