Louis Vuitton is currently the world’s most valuable luxury brand

Image via @louisvuitton/Instagram
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

The numbers are in.

While debate over which luxury brand is the best is largely a matter of personal opinion, there’s one indicator of popularity that’s hard to ignore: cold hard cash.

Brandz has released a ranking of the most valuable designer brands of 2019.

Sitting comfortably at the top of the list is Louis Vuitton, worth over USD $47.2 billion. It’s apparently been a good year for the label, as these figures are 15 per cent higher than they were 12 months ago.

LV is followed by Chanel, valued at USD $37 billion, and Hermès at USD $31 billion.

The brand with the highest amount of growth in the last year is Saint Laurent. Placing 9th in the ranking at USD $3.6 billion, the house reported a 45 per cent increase.

Check out the almighty top ten below.

1. Louis Vuitton ($47.2 billion)
2. Chanel ($37 billion)
3. Hermès ($31 billion)
4. Gucci ($25.3 billion)
5. Rolex ($8.4 billion)
6. Cartier ($6 billion)
7. Burberry ($4.7 billion)
8. Dior ($4.7 billion)
9. Saint Laurent/Yves Saint Laurent ($3.6 billion)
10. Prada ($3.5 billion)

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