Meghan was the most expensively-dressed royal in 2018, spent over $500K on new clothing

Image via @kensigntonroyal


Further proving her life is simply unattainable, Meghan Markle has apparently become the royal who spent the most on clothing in 2018.

According to royal fashion website UFO No More, the Duchess dropped a mind-blowing $509,278 USD on new clothing in 2018. That amount seems even crazier when you think how boring her style has become since she wed Harry (more on that here).

To calculate costs, the site broke down the outfits of 11 different royal women. Every outfit was catalogued, placing new items worn into three categories – unidentified fashion objects, pieces where a price can be found and pieces that are known to be bespoke (with price unknown).

Meghan’s tally didn’t actually include the costs of around 68 pieces (or her wedding gown) so in reality, that number’s probably even higher.

Following Megs was Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, spending around $144,349 USD, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex who was estimated to have added $91,939 USD of new pieces to her wardrobe.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is said to have spent $85,097 USD, however, she was on maternity leave for a good portion of the year.

To check out the full report, click here.


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