This Twitter account chronicles every single outfit worn by Meghan Markle

Illustration by Twylamae
Words by Tara Smith


While some of us couldn’t care less about what the Royals wear, others are ready to dedicate their lives to it. Case in point: @WhatMeghanWore, the Twitter account which catalogues every single item worn by the Duchess of Sussex.

Amassing 6k followers on Twitter, @WhatMeghanWore claims to be part of the larger @WhatKateWore family. Yep, there’s one for Kate Middleton too.

Each account is updated daily (multiple times) with complete outfit breakdowns including when and where they were worn.

Not only that, it also includes suspected brands, in case you couldn’t possibly wait for confirmation of the real thing.

If painstakingly documenting outfits of iconic figures is your jam, head here to view the @WhatMeghanWore website. Otherwise, procrastinate further by checking out The Nanny‘s @WhatFranWore while you’re at it.


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