Moncler’s new puffers look like aeroplane escape slides

Words by Olivia Hart

Or sleeping bags.

Outwear and lifestyle brand has teamed up with London-born menswear designer, Craig Green, for its newest collection: 5 Moncler Craig.

The collection of zip-up jackets with padded hoods, parkas and base layers are designed to be lightweight and easily condensed into smaller layers to conserve space.

Craig designed a 2.5cm gap in-between every pillow, allowing for the pieces to decrease in volume. With the capacity to shrink and grow depending on the user, the puffers fit expertly into any bag or suitcase once folded and flattened. 

With a colour scheme comprised of military green, black, white and light grey offset against orange, yellow, and red the pieces were designed to be functional with ideas of workwear and uniform informing the make.

The collection is available now at select Moncler stores.


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