Monki has finally started shipping to Australia

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

From Sweden with love.

Online shopping is often an exercise in disappointment for those of us living in Australia, with few international brands offering to ship to our far-off shores – without charging the cost of a black market liver, of course.

Because we understand the struggle of filling your cart only to find that a brand doesn’t ship here, we’re pleased to announce another label you can add to your green light list.

Swedish brand Monki has finally started shipping to Australia, citing the country as one of its biggest social media supporters.

Previously, you could only get your hands on a select range of Monki’s trusty basics and colourful statement pieces via ASOS. But now the brand’s entire offering is at your disposal.

Monki is all about fun, wearable clothes and sustainable production. The brand has been advocating more and more for diversity in the industry and the loosening of taboos about what we as a society can and can’t talk about on social media, covering topics like mental health and body image as well as the realities of the fashion industry.

Because we’re also big fans of sustainability, we always advise shopping thoughtfully and responsibly. But if you’re due for a ‘treat yourself’ purchase, here’s one more place to look.


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