Neuw launches a denim range produced using all new sustainable methods

Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Blue jeans never looked so green.

In an effort to maximise sustainability, Neuw has completely revolutionised its denim production chain.

The brand has been reassessing every step of its manufacturing process over the last few years, with this total overhaul resulting in the launch of the ZERO collection last month.

ZERO is a line of denim staples for both men and women, including jeans, jackets, overalls and button-up shirts.

But its classic look isn’t achieved by the traditional production process, which involves methods that are potentially harmful to the environment.

Instead, the collection has been produced using greener stone-washing practices. Industry-standard pumice stones are replaced by a synthetic stone that decreases the amount of sludge and pollutants the whole process produces.

In addition, all the water used at the washing stage is completely renewed and recycled. The process reform is designed to cut down on water wastage and chemical pollution.

The brand has also revised the way it distresses textiles. Previously, denim would be treated with harsh chemicals like bleach and acid to produce a lived-in, casually distressed look.

All distressing in the ZERO range has instead been achieved by hand using brush and grind techniques.

To keep its workers as happy as the environment, the brand also pays regular visits to its factories, mills and laundries to assess its ethical standards and carbon footprint. 

ZERO is available to shop online now.   


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