Everything Melbourne tailor Emily Nolan is saving for right now 

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Now I want everything too.

Magazines have long had a preoccupation with peeking inside the wardrobes of fashion people. They want to see the pieces industry insiders have spent their hard-earned cash on and, naturally, share the stories behind the garments. 

I love this, I do. Some of my favourite fashion stories touch on the sentimentalism of clothing. I love reading about why – in a wardrobe bursting with designer clothing – one would save prefer to save a $5 Katies bolero in a fire, for example.  

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But when I think of my own wardrobe, a lot of what’s inside it isn’t a great representation of me. In fact, if given the choice, I probably wouldn’t buy much of it again. When I speak to my colleagues, it sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat – we often lament our purchases of seasons past. Not because they were necessarily bad, but because they don’t feel like us.

So instead of peering inside someone’s wardrobe, I’d much rather peer into their shopping cart. Isn’t it a little more intimate? Surely what someone is saving for now must be a better reflection of them than a pair of skinny, leather Claud Maus pants they picked up at a 2012 warehouse sale. 

If there’s someone whose creative mind I’d love to dive into (and even go so far as shift in, pay rent, meet the parents, etc.), it’s Emily Nolan’s. She is a true creative, taking inspiration from the most unlikely of places (niche artists, love letters, The Simpsons) and with a contagious energy that feels like someone finally turned the lights on. More than that, she is truly one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met. 

Keen to better know her sartorial story, we gave her a simple brief – tell us what you’re saving for right now. In partnership with Cashrewards, Emily shares what’s on her wishlist, including the items that she (and you) can earn a little cash back for as you shop. All you need to do is download and purchase through the Cashrewards app or website.  

If you’re wondering what a Cashrewards is, the Australian shopping platform allows consumers (like you) to earn cashback on the purchases they make. Before buying direct from a retailer, instead click through via Cashrewards first, and you’ll land a percentage of the retail price back in your bank account. The app also offers a browser notifier that alerts you to cashback opportunities as you shop online, and will keep across other offers by its retailers, so you can stack your savings. 

Below you’ll get a taste of just how many retailers are featured on the platform. If you think it might be right for you, you can download Cashrewards here.

Helmut Newton Sumo book

I can’t afford the art I love, so instead I like to flick through books that exhibit it. I love Helmut Newton. He broke the mould. What he and Yves Saint Laurent achieved with the Le Smoking in 1966 is etched into my mind and something I return to when I’m feeling uninspired. This book is huge. I think it weighs something like 35kgs. A larger-than-life tome for a larger-than-life influence on art, culture and fashion. 

Find it at Amazon via Cashrewards and earn up to 7% cashback. 

New Balance x Aimé Leon Dore 550 sneakers

Yes, they come with all the hype in the world, but damn I love these. I feel sick about wanting to spend this much on a sneaker but I love the New Balance campaigns so much. I think everyone does because it gives us a license to look forward to retirement. It’s an illogical but emotional item on the want list. I want to wear them with my suits at an office. 

Find them at Farfetch via Cashrewards and earn up to 5% cashback. 

Form and Fold ‘The Base’ Woodland top

Summer feels so far away but I know it is just around the corner. Form and Fold are the only bathers that have ever successfully fit me. I have been gifted with big boobs and, believe it or not, before I found this company I was wearing Berlei bras in the sea. The team offers wonderful support and excellent customer service when trying to decipher the correct size. 

Find it here.

Harrison Indiana Li T-Bar shoes

Gossip Girl and high school nostalgia are to blame, but hear me out! A bit beaten up and with a good orthotic insole has me asking myself: is this my shoe for the summer? Can I complete the trifecta of socks, sandals and suits and still feel like a (semi?) grown woman? Only time will tell. Xoxo.

Find them at Myer via Cashrewards and earn up to 10% cashback. 

Agolde Pinch Waist High Rise Kick jeans in Placebo

I’ve always loathed change rooms and jeans shopping in general. I’m always searching for the one pair of denim that I can wear with a tailored blazer and T-shirt. That go-to failsafe that makes my flat ass look decent and fits me properly around the waist. Not too short in the leg either, hitting just above the ankle so I can mix with beaten-up old loafers. This wash reminds me of Elaine Benes, which probably explains why I was drawn to it first.

Find them at Shopbop via Cashrewards and earn 5.6% cashback.

Manolo Blanik Maysale 70 buckled suede mules

Never have I ever spent this amount of money on anything but And Just Like That hype has me convinced. I am completely obsessed with Patricia Field and these shoes remind me of what would happen if Sofia Coppola (à la Marie Antoinette) and she had a love child. It’s hard to think of anything better than a red suede buckle peeping out from under a black wool trouser. 

Find them at Net-A-Porter via Cashrewards and earn up to 10% cashback. 

A bespoke piece by Bella Clark

It is no secret I am completely obsessed with Bella Clark’s Jewellery. I wish I could grow more fingers. Investing in a bespoke piece with Bella is like being told you can live your dreams in gold. She is a magician and I love how she mixes and matches. Her stones and settings are so beautifully precious, but they are offset with an androgynous chunky pile-it-on feel. I am saving for a bespoke ring.

Find it here.

Chloe Signature eau de parfum

I’ve only ever worn this perfume, and when I say ‘worn’, I mean drenched. Sometimes, when people hug me, they say I remind them of getting ready before parties in high school. It reminds of cigarette-scented hair and my ultimate Christmas stocking filler of 2008. I love how scent is just as important as the tone of your voice when you greet someone. 

Find it at City Perfume it via Cashrewards and earn up to 7% cashback. 

Vintage sunglasses from Cowboy Odyssey 

I am obsessed with vintage sunglasses and bags. I have my eye on a vintage Silhouette pair from Cowboy Odyssey, circa 1970. They remind me of Lauren Hutton, hairspray and the promise of a party that goes until dawn. Everything looks better in hindsight and through rose-coloured glasses. Yeehaw!

Find them here.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Facial & Healing Body Mask

Still the best face mask Ive ever used. Not for the faint of heart, so tread carefully if you have delicate or sensitive skin, but this is the only product that Ive come across that leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I want to cover my body in the stuff and be reborn, essentially. 

Find it at Amazon via Cashrewards and earn up to 7% cashback. 

Download and discover the Cashrewards app here and receive a $20 bonus when you join. 

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