Melbourne-based label Sister Studios has released a collection inspired by the five love languages

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Dress for the love you want to receive.

Independent Melbourne-based label Sister Studios wants you to wear your love language on your sleeve this winter. Its latest collection, aptly titled Love Language, is packed with texture and patterns and is an ode to the five love languages.

“This collection uses digitally printed fabrics and generous textures to create second skins for the body, making us feel like we are expressing the feelings from our inside worlds to the outer shells of our beings,” explains Emma Cutri and Alice McIntosh, the label’s founders and designers. 

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The Brunswick locals originally founded the label for people who want to shop sustainably but don’t want to break the piggy bank. As for its sustainability credentials? Impressively, all the label’s collections are designed and manufactured locally in Melbourne, and the label avoids fabric waste as much as possible. 


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When it came to conceptualising the latest collection, Emma and Alice were inspired to pick a theme surrounding love and connection following a year defined by isolation.

“I think it came off the back of a hard year of not getting to connect with people. After having such a year of not being able to connect with friends and family it felt important to think again about what we value in life and so much of that is relationships and love. We really liked the idea of how love can be expressed in so many different ways,” Emma explains.

Whatever your love language is – whether that be words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service or physical touch – there is a piece in the Love Language collection for you. If you are unsure of your love language and are curious to find out you can take a quiz here.

Personally, my love language is acts of service but I’m certainly open to receiving love in any language (especially if it’s in the form of a gifted Sister Studios Kevin Cardigan).


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Alice sees the Love Language collection as a departure from the label’s colourful summer range, with this collection featuring a moodier colour palette, coordinating sets, prints by Alexandra Nemaric and textures designed by Megan McNeill.

But the designs are still very much in line with the Sister Studios aesthetic we have come to know and love. As Alice puts it, “The collection is pretty cute, fun and sexy which feels quite Sister.”

After a challenging year, Emma and Alice believe that we all deserve a little romance in our wardrobes, and the collection has pieces for every love-fuelled occasion; a visit to the gallery alone, brunch with a girlfriend, the first date with a new crush or a holiday with a long-term lover. “I hope that they feel cute and sexy and comfortable and that they enjoy mixing Sister’s pieces up with whatever else they like to wear,” says Alice. 

Check out Sister Studios Love Language collection here.

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