Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony is everything I wanted it to be

Images by Haley Wollens
Words by Sasha Gattermayr

Big Love.

I was 10 when I first saw Chloë Sevigny on screen. She was the most devout of three Mormon wives in Big Love, and I was definitely too young to be watching it.

My impressionable brain had not yet registered the taboo of polygamy, nor how much Sevigny’s 2005 Amish costumes would come full circle to 2019 #prairiecore trends. But the long and the short of it is that – even at the mercy of a costume department and playing a role so divergent from her regular oeuvre – her icon was obvious.

And she endures. This collaboration with Opening Ceremony containing denim shoulder pads, frilled miniskirts and press studs is all I ever wanted it to be and more.

Blessed be the fruits of her sartorial labour. And her Midas Touch.


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