This Twitter account pairs iconic pop culture moments with famous artworks

Images via @TabloidArtHist/Twitter
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Life imitates art.

It’s time once again to talk about our favourite power couple: historical art and pop culture.

Taking art-celebrity comparisons to a whole new level is twitter account @TabloidArtHistory.

Run by three art majors, the account pairs iconic pop culture moments with classic or contemporary artworks which they appear to mimic.

You’ll find references to recent celeb appearances – including some great hot takes on this year’s Met Gala looks – as well as eternally relevant ’00s stars like Paris Hilton and the account’s darling, Lindsay Lohan.

Some of the comparisons are scarily spot on, while others are more abstract or just straight-up hilarious.

Check out a few of our favourite pairings below.

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