UNIQLO is serving up a collection all about food and feelings

UNIQLO x Timothy Goodman red art

Words by Tara Smith

Tasty pancakes, great mistakes.

UNIQLO has teamed up with US-based artist, Timothy Goodman, to create the Life is Art is Words is Feelings is Life collection.

The collaboration centres around UNIQLO’s UT T-shirt line, featuring Goodman’s quirky quotes and designs on life and love.

Splashed across tees are quotes like ‘Tasty pancakes, great mistakes’, ‘Even my feelings have feelings’ and ‘I just ate a bag of potato chips for dinner and another friend got engaged’. You know, stuff we can all relate to.

It’s all part of UNIQLO’s SPRZ series, which aims to showcase artist creativity around the world through T-shirts, bags and more.

The Life is Art is Words is Feelings is Life collection is available in-store and online now.


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