15 Scott Disick quotes begging to be Instagram captions

Image via E!
Words by Fashion Journal

“My arrogance kills people.”

While we’re still of the belief that Kris Jenner quotes make excellent Instagram captions, no one makes more outrageous claims than The Lord Scott Disick.

The black sheep of the Kardashian klan is known for his arrogance, selfishness and excessive lifestyle – Something we can all probably relate to on some level.

Therefore, we thought it only fair to give credit where credit is due. Here are 15 Scott Disick quotes begging to be Instagram captions.

1. You know, I’ve realised that I’m probably just perfect and it’s everybody else around me that’s got issues.
Use when: you post a snap with your work friends

2. I’m a big star. I don’t need to be dealing with you peasants.
Use when: no one will take a photo with you, so you take a solo pic instead

3. My arrogance kills people.
Use when: you post your third selfie in a row

4. I’ve always been into being ultra-rich.
Use when: you need to accompany a luxe holiday pic of you chilling by a pool with cocktail in-hand

5. Who wouldn’t wanna hang out with me?
Use when: you Insta Stories a hideous photo of yourself

6. For me personally, it was a great time. I just wish I had popcorn.
Use when: you have to share a video of your friend making a fool out of themselves

7. By no means do I want to be responsible when I’m actually so-called ‘working’
Use when: you share a pic of you at the office doing something novel

8. Once I get out of those doors, it’s beast mode.
Use when: you’re really feeling your outfit so take a quick #OOTD in front of the bedroom mirror

9. You know, they used to call me a social butterfly and I think I’m flying again.
Use when: you go out for the first time in a while and share a pic to remind everyone you’re social and you do have friends

10. It obviously doesn’t go with my gold accessories, but if it did, I would always wear it.
Use when: you share a pic of you in activewear

11. It’s a small price to pay, to look perfect.
Use when: you ’gram a picture of your fake tan developing

12. I’m not gonna go eat at a restaurant like a peasant.
Use when: it’s a Saturday night, and you Insta Stories your Uber Eats

13. Do you mind if the Lord sits here?
Use when: you snap any pic of you sitting down

14. Seems like everyone enjoys me being here, but then again who wouldn’t?
Use when: you re-post a club photo of you on the D-floor from the club socials

15. I never thought I’d be in a family that has more people than a small country.
Use when: your mum makes you take a group snap at Christmas

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