Made by Fressko drops new coffee cup, the Bino

Words by Fashion Journal

Hands on.

Made by Fressko has a pretty simple philosophy: be kind to mother earth, to others and to yourself.

Those behind the brand live and breathe that philosophy, working to make it easier for others to implement small, sustainable changes into their everyday routines.

Adding to Fressko’s existing range of sustainable coffee cups comes the Bino, an 8oz reusable cup in four colours of mint, floss coal and snow.

Joining the Cafe Collection, the Bino is a vacuum-sealed cup with internal barista lines and a scratch-resistant outer. It will keep your beverage hot for up to three hours, is totally spill-proof with a click-lock lid and slip-resistant base.

It’s also ideal for travel, or your morning drive to work, fitting perfectly in a standard cup holder.


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