A list of support services if you’ve experienced sexual assault

Because it’s important to look after each other – and yourself.

Yesterday’s Harvey Weinstein conviction is very, very big news, hence its heavy discussion in the media. But we recognise that public, widespread conversations like these can bring up difficult memories for anyone who has experienced sexual assault, as well as those close to them.

Nobody should have to deal with those feelings alone, and we encourage anyone having a hard time to seek both social and professional support.

Below is a list of key support services split by state. Many have 24-hour phone lines or online counselling that provide instant support any time of the day. 

Anyone across Australia can also contact 1800Respect, a site that offers 24-hour counselling, an online chat platform and information on how to support others in your life.


Contact the Centre Against Sexual Assault for access to comprehensive support, including free 24-hour confidential services that can provide guidance and direct you to any alternative avenues of support.

Contact SACL for after-hours counselling.

New South Wales 

Contact NSW Government health for a list of counselling services that are available across the city and rural NSW.  

South Australia 

Contact Yarrow Place for professional counselling for recent and past sexual assault clients as well as their support people. 

Northern Territory 

Contact NT.GOV for sexual assault referral centres in your area. Speak directly to skilled counsellors either face-to-face or over the phone.     


Contact CRCC for support and education programs. 


Contact BRISSC for support for survivors of sexual assault age 15 and over. 

Western Australia 

Contact SARC for emergency medical services, counselling and advice from medical professionals. 


Contact Laurel House for individual counselling, education and 24-hour crisis support. 

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