Chill, IKEA has released its first ASMR video

Words by Lydia Crist

Doze off to the sound of an IKEA flatpack being assembled. 

IKEA Australia has released a bedroom tidying ASMR video on its YouTube channel, and I’m not sure how I feel. In some ways, this is an exciting yet unexpected move but it also somehow doesn’t surprise me.

The satisfaction ASMR generates reminds me of the satisfaction I feel walking around an IKEA store – seeing all the meticulously ordered and positioned displays is undeniably soothing. Moving into ASMR content creation seems like a natural progression for the furniture giant right? 

The video comes ahead of National Tidy Day on February 29, and in celebration of the day, IKEA is putting on a range of events to help its customers tidy their spaces. They are also offering a $29 IKEA discount card when you spend $129 or more on the day, and if that’s not the perfect excuse to redo your room I don’t know what is.  


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