A Mickey Mouse Polaroid camera is here for the nostalgia-lover in your life

Images via Polaroid
Words by Tara Smith


In the ultimate throwback, Polaroid has teamed up with our favourite mouse for a vintage-inspired camera.

The updated Polaroid 600 honours Mickey Mouse in the year of his 90th birthday, aptly arriving in colours of yellow, red and white. You’ll find signature graphics on the flashbar and faceplate, making it the perfect gift for the nostalgia-lover in your life.

Of course, a Mickey Mouse camera isn’t complete without Mickey Mouse film, which is why customised packs of Polaroid film are also on offer. A pack of eight will set you back roughly $30.

It all arrives in a bright, bespoke box, which will sit proudly on the shelf along with all your other Mickey memorabilia.

The limited-edition Mickey Mouse Polaroid 600 is available for roughly $300 here.


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