New study finds a sleep-in may prevent an early death

Image via @caradelevingne/Instagram
Words by Tara Smith

Science has spoken.

We’re a fan of any study that says we can stay in bed longer.

A new paper published in the Journal of Sleep Research has found that sleeping in on weekends could save your life one day – or at least prevent an early death.

43,880 subjects were surveyed for 13 years to collate enough data for the study. Researchers found that adults who get five hours’ sleep a night or less had a 65% higher chance of early mortality rate than those who receive seven or more.

It also found that a sleep-in on weekends can counteract that early mortality rate, despite lacking sleep throughout the week.

So as long as you balance your weekly sleep debt, you should be fine.

Although apparently you can have too much of a good thing, with the study also finding a negative health impact for those who sleep eight hours or more a day.

Take what you want from this, if you need us, we’ll be working off our sleep debt.

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