The new Tamagotchi comes in colour and will connect to your phone

Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Your fix of ’90s nostalgia.

Just last year, ’90s kids everywhere rejoiced following the announcement that the iconic Tamagotchi was to be revived for 2018. It also reminded us that our beloved black-and-white Tamagotchis (the ones that just eat and poop and eventually die) are no longer relevant.

Now, Bandai America is launching an even newer version of the toy called Tamagotchi On and it’ll connect to your smartphone.

While the Tamagotchi does still retain its egg-shaped form, the revamped versions do a whole lot more. In 2019, you’ll be able to link up with other players through the Tamagotchi On app.

From there, you can go on play dates, travel and even get married (which consequently means hatching a baby). Plus, you can also now own an unlimited number of pets.

Perhaps the sweetest bonus of the new Tamagotchi On is that the screen is in colour, complete with fresh graphics. You can also choose between Fairy Pink, Fairy Blue, Magical Purple or Magic Green for your egg’s hue.

The new Tamagotchi On will be released in the US on July 28. Luckily for us, it’s landing at Urban Outfitters, which ships to Aus.



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