Japan’s getting a Nintendo theme park with a life-size Mario Kart track

Image via Nintendo
Words by Maeve Kerr-Crowley

Ready, set, race.

Mario Kart is less of a game and more of an exercise in ruining relationships through intense and frightening competition.

If you take this task as seriously as we do, you’re going to want to plan a trip to Universal Studios Japan in the next couple of years.

The studio has announced that its soon-to-be-opened Super Nintendo World will feature a life-size Mario Kart course.

Two-man carts will run along a dedicated rail system, with one person driving and the other in charge of power-ups and weapons. If you’re wondering how exploding shells and speeding bullets will translate into real life, so are we.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting more info in the lead up to the park’s opening in 2020. It’s set to feature rides and attractions inspired by Nintendo’s other popular games – please, let that mean a Pokémon ride – and the chance to meet your favourite game characters.

For the rest of the world, further Super Nintendo Worlds are in the works in cities like Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore.


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