This robot chases the sun to keep your plants alive

Image VIA Sun Tianqi

Words by Ruby Staley

Some much needed TLC for your plants.

Proving a future where even the most awful plant owners can keep their leaf babies alive is possible, a Chinese roboticist has created a cute, plant-loving robot.

This little guy’s sole job is to take care of the plant placed on its head and will run around your house finding the sun or the shade as needed. With 360 degrees of mobility, it can rotate its head to make sure each and every leaf gets light.

As for watering, the robot does an adorable ‘thirsty’ dance to let you know when your plant’s getting a little dry.

Designed by Sun Tianqi, the model is a modification of his existing HEXA robot. It was intended to be a one-off release, however, after an overwhelmingly positive response on the internet, Tianqi has said he might just have to think about commercialising the product:

“…based on the interest, I’m hearing, I see that people are interested in adding robotics into their homes with a product such as this. So maybe we better get building.”

We can only hope.


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