Alcoholic tea is here to cure post-work blues

Images via Lifestyle Notion
Words by Rosie Macquire

Drink tea responsibly.

If you love your cups of tea as much as cocktails, Australian brand Lifestyle Notion may have just dropped a dream combo. Boozy tea.

Dubbed Alcohol Tea Bombs, the brand’s new range of tea bags makes creating the perfect tea cocktail incredibly easy.

Instead of pouring hot water over your tea, pour your favourite tipple. Add some mixer and leave for five to 10 minutes to brew your naught-tea cuppa. Whether you prefer a sweet, bitter or spicy cocktail, there is a range of flavours for everyone’s taste buds.

This time of year, we’d recommend some heat with ‘The Thai Pantry’. With a strong kick of chilli and added notes of ginger, lemongrass and kafir lime, this cocktail will be sure to warm you up.

Each package is $29.95 and includes 10 organic tea bags that can be shopped here.  


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