Archangel Beyoncé is now available as a Christmas tree topper

Women To Look Up To Beyonce Christmas tree angel

Slay bells.

If Beyoncé’s very own line of Christmas decorations wasn’t enough to satisfy your Lemonade craving, we think Women To Look Up To will probably pique your interest.

The not-for-profit organisation has created a range of Christmas tree toppers designed to honour women worthy of wings and celebration.

Replacing the ubiquitous star or plastic angel, you can now top your tree with Queen Bey, Hillary Clinton or Serena Williams, who have each been given an angel-white getup and wings. 

Each topper is 3D-sculpted from high-grade plaster and comes in a range of sizes to suit your tree. There’s also a voting poll currently open, asking you to vote on the brand’s next angel (our pick’s for Michelle Obama).

Keeping the festive spirit alive, Women To Look Up To also offers international shipping, with all proceeds from your purchase reinvested in projects to further female equality.


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