This artist will recreate your house in Lego form

Little Brick Lane Lego house

Words by Tara Smith

Brick by brick.

With the current state of the property market and the number of avocados in my fruit bowl, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever own my own home. However, I can afford a Lego version.

Shari Austrian is an Etsy shop owner who will accurately recreate your house from Lego, brick by brick.

The artist can build your home to scale, including interiors and exteriors, simply by following photos or your architectural plans. A custom Lego house will take approximately 8-10 weeks to build, and will set you back roughly $3,200 depending on size. It all comes with brand new Lego pieces, sourced by Shari herself.

Any ordinary person knows that the excitement of playing with Lego never leaves you, even as a fully-fledged adult.

To get your hands on a replica model of your home, head here.


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