This avo on toast sculpture can be yours for $1,041,689

Words by Nicole La Ruffa

We may have reached peak brunch culture.

If you’ve got a spare million lying around, you can purchase a sculpture of avocado on toast (with salad on the side), because 2018.

Are we even surprised at this point?

The art piece, dubbed Avocado Toast: the reality sandwich, was created by artists Julia and Ken Yonetani, and has been announced as a finalist for the Woollahra Small Culture Prize.

The pair says that the meaning behind the artwork is about questioning the worth of objects, specifically avo-related. You might remember the great avocado debate of 2017, which called out millennials for spending too much on the brunch staple.

While the $1,041,689 valuation may seem a tad steep, the statement piece boasts the same value as the median price of a house in Sydney or Melbourne.

A press release for the work reads: “The artists are inviting us to consider what is the actual worth of a house or a sculpture? When does the price of something become so unobtainable it seems unreal and mere speculation?”

From October 20 until November 11, Sydneysiders can view the avo art at the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize at Woollahra Council.


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