Britney Spears is having a solo art exhibition in France

Image via Instagram
Words by Lydia Crist

Not so toxic.

Music and fashion icon Britney Spears extended her repertoire of talents back in 2017 when she graced us with her artistic talents on Instagram. Now, in some of the best news 2020 has to offer, Britney’s work will be showcased in a solo exhibition in France.

Gallery Sympa is located in Figeac, and announced via its Instagram it would be hosting Britney’s first exhibition on January 18, 2020, between 6-9pm. The show, titled Sometimes you just gotta play!!!! gets its name from Britney’s Instagram caption when she posted a video of her painting.

It remains unclear whether Britney knows about the show, how many, and which artworks will be on display. However, this news is a beacon of light in a thus far pretty grim start to the year- gimme more!

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