Book review: Ageless Beauty

Words by Leah White

A book that claims to be a ‘woman’s definitive beauty guide’ just irks me for some reason.

I wanted to hate this book, I really did. On the whole, however, it was way more palatable than I expected.

Peppered with anecdotes from three generations of beauty experts (author Clemence von Mueffling’s grandmother and mother were both beauty editors at Vogue Paris), it provides an interesting insight into French culture and some handy beauty tips along the way.

The book is divided into Le Visage (face), Le Corps (body) and Les Cheveux (hair), and includes subject matter you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a beauty guide. There’s even half a chapter on how to take care of your feet – from cuticle care to what to do when you have bunions.

Let’s just say no topic is left uncovered.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 182. You can read it here.

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