Book review: The Art of Living Alone & Loving It

Words by Tara Smith

The toolkit for a happy, solo life.

As someone who lives in a share house, I didn’t realise there was an art to living alone. It turns out this was a pretty ignorant view, and I was quickly proven wrong when I picked up Jane Mathews’ book.

Challenges like cooking for one, organising a holiday and living in a society that views soloists as failures are things I’d never considered.

The Art of Living Alone & Loving it is like a map to a more content life on your own, covering off every aspect including relationships, health, home, finance and more.

Frankly, it shows how living solo can open up opportunities rather than shut them down, acting as an effective toolkit for a happy life.

This review was originally published in Fashion Journal 180. You can read it here.

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