Book review: Sugar Rebels

Words by Leah White

Not your standard cookbook.

If binge-watching baking videos on YouTube is how you spend your spare time, you might already be familiar with Nick Makrides of The Scran Line (scran is Australian Navy lingo for food, btw).

Sugar Rebels is Makrides’ debut book release – but it’s not your stock standard cookbook.

It’s all about embracing creative and outrageous ideas in the kitchen, with a smattering of anecdotes from the author about his journey to success.

There are no 20-minute recipes in sight, so prepare to spend all weekend whipping up these elaborate sweets.

While some of the techniques can be kinda tricky, the guide is structured to allow you to master the basics and then move onto the complex decorating.

Be warned: without a keen eye for detail and a steady hand for piping, your cakes could end up looking like they’ve come straight out of an episode of Nailed It!.

This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 188. You can read it here.

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