This hotel plans your stay based on your zodiac sign

Images via The Ultimo

It’s in the stars.

There are two types of people in this world: those who believe their zodiac sign has something to offer their lives, and those who don’t.

A hotel in Sydney is appealing to the former group, with its staff planning your stay around your constellation.

The Ultimo Hotel aims to help its guests align with their sign, by helping to curate visits based on the interests and traits of each. Upon check-in, you’ll receive a personalised list of Gastrology (places to eat and drink) and Explorology (things to see and do) recommendations around Sydney.

Aquarian’s will go to the Golden Age Cinema, Virgos might enjoy an organic breakfast at Egg of the Universe, while the hotel recommends Scorpios hit Red Lead Pool.

To deep dive into the zodiac a little further, there are also three astrology packages which can be added on to your stay. The Natal Chart Package, for example, offers a 90-minute consultation on your chart with the hotel’s on-site astrologer.

Unfortunately, when it comes to rooms, the self-proclaimed ‘world’s-first astrology hotel’ appears to fall a little short. The minimalist-style suites feature the usual amenities but aren’t specifically centred around any sign. I’m rather disappointed I can’t book into a dedicated ‘Taurus room’ to celebrate Mercury finally being out of retrograde.


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