Get to the supermarket: Arnott’s is launching Mint Slice and Iced VoVo milk

Image via Arnott’s
Words by Tara Smith


It can be argued that the humble mint slice is one of the greatest biscuits on the supermarket shelf.

And the only way you could improve such a biscuit is to combine it with another beloved supermarket staple – choccy milk.

That is precisely what the good folk at Arnott’s have done, as part of a collaboration with Dairy Farmers milk.

Yep, you can now get your hands on Mint Slice and Iced VoVo milk, made from peppermint oil and raspberry jam, respectively. If you ask us, it’s just about the best release since Cadbury launched Creme Egg ice cream on Aussie shelves.

The two products are set to launch nationwide in convenience stores this April, while Coles and Woolworths will stock them from May 20.

Cue the stampedes.


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