Cadbury is hiring chocolate taste testers and you’ve just found your calling

Images via Cadbury
Words by James Di Fabrizio

Finally, a career that means something.

Perhaps you had high hopes of becoming a lawyer? A teacher? Even (god help you) a music journalist?

Well, dear reader, it’s time to put those ambitions on hold.

Cadbury is currently looking for four chocolate testers. What’s more, they’ll even pay you handsomely to do it.

While you’ll need to move off the UK to get the gig, the only pre-requisites to be in the running are “tastebuds for detection” (yep, I’ve got that) and a “passion for confectionary” (I’ve definitely got that).

The lucky winner of the job will be the first to try “new and inventive products”.

Long story short: I’m ditching this country to go follow my dreams as the world’s next Willy Wonka.

Follow your dreams and apply here.

[Via Beat]

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