Samsung finally updates its ugly emojis and welcome to the future Android users

WORDS BY Veronica Stanford

Images via Emojipedia.

Finally, an eye-rolling emoji that actually shows disdain.

We all know the real reason iOS users have an unbreakable allegiance with Apple.

At any point I’ve considered making the jump to Samsung, I remind myself of the company’s goddamn hideous emojis.

I mean look for yourself, they’re bloody awful.





Quite frankly, it’s about time the dated emoticons had an update, and the company has announced it’s doing just that.

The new Samsung Experience 9.0 is set to roll out as part of a new Android update. It’ll see a new series of emojis, updated to better align with those on iOS, Microsoft and more.

And while they’re definitely a sight better than their predecessors, they’re certainly no salsa dancing girl.

Check out some of the updates above.


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