Cadbury teases a low-calorie Dairy Milk chocolate bar

Words by Aurelia Alimansjah

Healthy chocolate.

Attention, chocoholics. What if I said there was a way you could indulge in all things chocolate, guilt-free?

Next summer, Cadbury UK will be releasing a low-calorie Dairy Milk bar, which claims to have 30 per cent less sugar and tastes exactly the same as the original. Interested?

Even more good news: the new version of the chocolate bar will be sold alongside the original one for the same price.

Here’s the science. Over the course of two years, a team of 20 scientists and chocolate experts have managed to reformulate the bar by replacing some of the sugar with a type of fibre with the same structure. This means they can use less sugar while keeping the texture and taste of the original chocolate bar.

Whether they’ve truly managed to retain the sweet, delicious taste of the OG, we’ll have to see. Unfortunately, the new chocolate bar will not be available in Australia at this stage. Fingers crossed that it’ll soon make its way down here soon.

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