Kit Kat opened a bar that pairs cocktails with chocolate

Images via Soranews24

Yes to this.

Giving us further reason to pack up and move to Japan, Kit Kat has opened a bar in Tokyo.

Located in the city’s Nihonbashi neighbourhood, the pop-up offers guests the chance to try expertly picked chocolate and cocktail pairings.

The activation is in celebration of Kit Kat’s new Ume Sake Kit Kat, which is the chocolate brand’s second entry into the alcoholic market and comes with a bottle of specially-brewed plum-flavoured sake.

Honouring the new Kit Kat, the bar features a sake tasting area with four kinds of umeshu and 12 sakes from around Japan. It also offers up a limited number of custom sake glasses and the chance to try two specially-created cocktails which pair with the new chocolate flavour.

For those who are a little peckish, the bar also serves up a Cured Mackerel and Tofu Sour Cream Tartine by the executive chef of Michelin star restaurant Tokyo’s L’Effervescence.

Kit Kat Bar is open until September 24.


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