Everything you need to know about the ‘Call Me by Your Name’ book sequel

Image via Call Me By Your Name
Words by Tara Smith

No peaches in sight.

Of all the movie releases to grace our screens over the past two years, we’d be hard-pressed to find a film more well-received than Call Me By Your Name.

Therefore, we were suitably excited when the author of the original novel, André Aciman, teased a sequel back in December.

Now, we’ve finally received word on the title, plot details and release date of the next book.

According to Vulture, the sequel will simply be named Find Me. While it will still follow Elio and Oliver, it will also feature Elio’s father Samuel more prominently (which is great news for anyone who cried during the infamous Dad scene towards the movie’s end).

Apparently, Samuel (who is now divorced) sets out on a journey to Florence to visit Elio (now a gifted classical pianist). On the train ride over, a chance encounter leads to a relationship that will change Sam’s life indefinitely.

Oliver, on the other hand, is now a professor in New England with sons who are nearly grown. He finds himself contemplating a return visit to Europe, and that’s where we’re hoping the love affair with Elio resumes.

Find Me is set for release on October 29.

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