Pringle-flavoured instant noodles exist for the ultimate junk food fan

Image via Gaijinpot
Words by Tess Macallan

Satisfy your weird cravings.

According to the World Instant Noodles Association, Australia ranks 19th in the world when it comes to instant noodle consumption. Basically, we love our cup noodles.

Unfortunately, we aren’t always able to taste the latest in weird noodle varieties.

For example, Pringles marked its 50th anniversary last year by collaborating with Super Cup on some weird and wonderful instant noodles.

The release includes two new flavours: sour cream and onion yakisoba, and jalapeño. Sour cream and onion is rumoured to taste similar to the chips it’s based on, while the jalapeño flavour features a chicken broth base with potato and onion.

Unfortunately, these novelty noodles aren’t currently available in Australia. But if you’re heading to Singapore or Japan anytime soon, pls bring us back a cup or two.


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