Recipe: Mint Choc Bark

Chocolate and mint is an unbeatable combination. So why bother adding any other elements when these two flavours coexist in such harmony?

1 block dark cooking chocolate
1 block white cooking chocolate
Green food dye
Peppermint essence
Musk lifesaver lollies (smashed)

– Prepare a tray by lining it in baking paper.
– Place dark chocolate in a glass bowl, cover in plastic wrap and over a saucepan of low simmering water. Do the same with the white chocolate.
– When both bowls of chocolate appear melted, take off plastic wrap and stir gently.
– Turn gas off but leave bowls over the hot water.
– Add green food dye and peppermint essence to the white chocolate and stir gently.
– Cover the lined tray with melted dark chocolate.
– Place dollops of the green chocolate on top of the dark, and using a skewer, marble both chocolates together.
– Sprinkle sections with smashed musk lollies and refrigerate for 30 mins or until hard.

-Dark chocolate, coconut white chocolate and freeze dried raspberries.
-Purple white choc, blue white choc and nerd lollies
-Dark Chocolate, peanut butter white chocolate and smashed peanuts
-Milk Chocolate, strawberry white chocolate and coconut flakes
-Sea-salt dark Chocolate, caramel white chocolate and toasted almonds

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