Totally Un-Boring Chokers

You’ll look good. Real good.

Here at FJ, we want you to dress like the fashionista you really are. So that’s why we’re going to let you in on a lil’ secret:

DIY fashun is hella cheap and easy. 

Today we’re going to help you make the ultimate ’90s accessory – the choker. Not only are they a blogger’s fave accessory rn, they’re completely customisable (l8rs black) and super easy to make.

– 1 x hot glue gun (and glue)
– 1 x pair of scissors
– 1 x 30cm ruler
– 1 x bottle of puff paint
– 30cm of your choice of ribbon (we favour knit, woven, lace and velvet)
– 2 x 15cm choice of ribbon for the ties


1. First you’ll need to set up your choker-making station and ensure you have all the necessary bits and bobs.

2. Pick out some pretty choker ribbon, measure it to 30cm and cut.

3. Now you can turn the hot glue gun on, so it can heat up while you complete step 4.

4. Cut two x 15cm-long pieces of ribbon, to form the ties of the choker.

5. Carefully apply hot glue to the back of the choker and place ties onto it gently. Press down till secure.

6. Once the glue has dried, you can place the choker around your neck and determine if your ties need a trim (you don’t want too much left hanging). If the length is fine for your neck, proceed to the seventh and final step.

7. Apply a thin coating of puff paint to the end of each tie, to prevent future fraying. Now you’re done.

8. Look edgy and cool.

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