10 products every Seinfeld fan needs to own

An article about nothing.

It’s been 28 years since Seinfeld first graced our screens.

28 years since we first saw George Costanza eat out of a bin, witnessed Elaine Benes dancing or observed Jerry in a puffy white shirt, but it doesn’t feel like it.

For a show about nothing, Seinfeld has certainly held its own almost three decades later.

Whether your Seinfeld references come as often as George’s elaborate lies, or you’re the friend who has to put up with them, we’ve compiled a list of some cool merch to get your next presents sorted.

Socks about nothing – $10

Printed socks always make for a fun apparel. These adorable ‘socks about nothing’ are perfect for adding flair to an outfit, whether it’s for a birthday party, lunch or your next New York Yankees boardroom meeting.

Sticker pack – $6

No one is ever too old for stickers. This cool little pack includes a set of seven hand-drawn vinyl stickers, which you can slap on your laptop, phone or just during a slap fight.

George couch sweater – $60

Who wouldn’t want a half-naked George Costanza emblazoned across their chest? If you ask us, it’s about as socially acceptable as draping your entire body in velvet.

Seinfeld logo long-sleeve tee – $38

If your style is a little more laid back, this long-sleeve tee features the classic Seinfeld logo.

Apartment layout print – $47

Add a touch of Jerry and Kramer to your home with a blueprint of theirs. The framed piece is the ultimate gift for any Seinfeld fan, and a fun little easter egg for new guests to pick up on.

Kramer mug – $16

You can’t ever go wrong with a classic mug. Watch Seinfeld reruns while sipping on some no-smell, no-tell Scotch in your ski lodge. Here’s to feeling good all the time.

Elaine earrings – $13

Nothing will spruce up your outfit like good old Elaine studs. We hear they help with the dance nerves.

Seinfeld Gang long-sleeve tee – $50

If you can’t pick between your favourite four, why not wear them all at once? This simple white tee features the seinfeld logo on the front, with the whole crew on the back.

Seinfeld magnets – $13

If you’re more into subtle decor, here’s a range of novelty magnets that give a comical touch to your kitchen. The six item set includes quotes such as “No soup for you” and “A festivus for the rest of us” as well as the show’s logo.

Jerry Seinfeld tee – $45

Twylamae’s Etsy store is full of original TV apparel, and we’re loving the Jerry Seinfeld classic. Grab it in a tee or a crewneck, and wear the face of this genius to any occasion.

For something more personalised, Twyla also creates customised illustrations of TV sitcom scenes.

Yep, she can squeeze a drawing of your face on your favourite show. All you need is a high-res image and an e-mail address.

Check it out here.

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