Fendi is now designing the world’s most fashionable kitchens

Images via Fendi Cucine
Words by Tara Smith

One of each, please.

Forget designer appliances, now your entire kitchen can be crafted by Fendi.

Introducing Fendi Cucine, a collaboration between Fendi and Italian furniture company SCIC to produce the world’s most fashionable kitchen.

The duo tapped long-time Fendi collaborator Marco Constanzi to design two kitchen models to deck out your home.

There’s the very masculine ‘Kurkum’, arriving in a predominantly grey and black colour palette, featuring stainless steel in a variety of finishes.

Then there’s ‘Ginger’, utilising marble, gold and copper bronze mental to convey a more feminine approach. The ‘Ginger’ kitchen aims to produce a feeling of relaxation and equilibrium and allows you to customise fittings in varying colours and finishes as you see fit.

To learn more about Fendi Cucine, head here.


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