Forget the Fountain of Youth: Anti-ageing pink gin has arrived

Image via Young in Spirit
Words by Tara Smith

The holiest of spirits.

While we’re only halfway through the year, it seems we’ve already reached peak 2018.

British company Young in Spirit has introduced anti-ageing pink gin, improving our tipple of choice tenfold.

The rose-flavoured spirit – dubbed Collagin – contains notes of citrus, star anise and 100mg of the good stuff. Apparently, the collagen breaks down as you drink it, making you all the more youthful while you down your G&T.

The creators of Collagin recently told The Daily Mail: “As we age, our collagen breaks down so drinking pure collagen helps keep our dermis youthful and resilient,

The beauty world and the booze world are huge, so why not merge them and create a whole new world?”.

It’s not the first collagen-infused drink the company has produced. Back in 2017, Young in Spirit released its original collagen gin, without all the floral notes.

Unfortunately, this game-changing concoction is not yet available in Australia, but we’re holding out hope.


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