Reusable paper towels now exist

Words by Rosie Macquire

Soak it up.

Living a sustainable life is becoming increasingly easier. Everything from plastic straws to tampons can be substituted for a zero waste option.

And now, Food 52 and If You Care are taking on another portion of household waste: paper towels.

In the USA alone, a shocking 13 billion pounds of paper towels are sent to landfill every day. To tackle this environmental disaster, the two brands have teamed up to create reusable paper towels.

Each towel can hold up to 16 times its weight in water and should last you for up to a week. And instead of throwing them in the bin after use, the towels can go straight into the compost.

A set of three rolls will set you back $32 USD, which seems kind of expensive. Each roll, however, comes with 12 sheets that last for up to a week – that’s enough paper towel to last you for over six months.

Unfortunately, these don’t ship to Australia just yet, so you’ll have to stick to a regular reusable cleaning cloth for the time being.



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