Spreadable gin and tonic is here to make breakfast boozy

Words by Nicole La Ruffa

Start your day off right.

While the morning may be a tad too early for a cocktail (or so we’re told), it seems a London retailer has thought of a viable solution.

A new preserve has arrived in time for breakfast Gin & Tonic marmalade, a booze-infused spread which should wake you right up.

But don’t worry in case you were worried about turning up drunk to work, the company assures us that all of the alcohol is cooked off during the creation process. No crippling 5pm hangover.

The marmalade, which ‘goes very well in a cucumber sandwich’, according to its description, can also be used for baking, spreading, or for snacking on straight from the jar.

In case you wanted some more Gin & Tonic options, Four Pillars offers their own variation of the spread, paired with a bitter-sweet orange peel flavour.

Those looking to dip their butter knives in something new can purchase the jar here. Cheers.


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