Gucci launches its new sustainability platform, Gucci Equilibrium

Image via Gucci
Words by Tara Smith

Positive change.

Yesterday, on World Environment Day, Gucci unveiled its new sustainability platform, Gucci Equilibrium.

The online platform aims to address three key pillars to bring positive change for our collective future. These include the environment, people and new models of sustainable innovation.

It’s all part of a wide-ranging 10-year sustainability plan put in place by the fashion house to better manage its environmental impact.

In an official statement, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri said, “Gucci is not a company where you must leave your values at the door, but one where they are enhanced, challenged and amplified. Gucci Equilibrium is about us spreading that energy and that positive intent to everyone who loves our brand.”

The website covers a range of issues, including Gucci’s overall environmental performance, use of sustainable raw materials, stance on fur, packaging and more. You’ll also find links to the brand’s corporate sustainability and responsibility and other important documents.

To check it out for yourself, head here.


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